Distinguished Member

The Distinguished Member grade is the most prestigious offered by SPE. According to the SPE Bylaws, to be elected a Distinguished Member, a candidate must be a member in good standing who has served as President of the Society or who, in the opinion of two-thirds of the Past Presidents voting, provided one-half of the surviving Past Presidents participate in the ballot, is deemed worthy of this status by virtue of outstanding achievement or professional eminence.

Distinguished Members

  • Glenn L. Beall
  • Gail R. Bristol
  • Dennis L. Hayford
  • Kishor S. Mehta
  • Irvin E. Poston
  • Maung S. Htoo

SPE Past Presidents

SPE Past President Year
Bruce Mulholland 2022
Jason Lyons 2021
Jaime A. Gómez 2020
Brian G. Landes 2019
Brian P. Grady 2018
Raed  S. Al'Zubi 2017
Scott E.Owens 2016
Dick Cameron 2015
Vijay Boolani 2014
Jon D. Ratzlaff 2013
James S. Griffing 2012
Russell C. Broome 2011
Ken J. Braney 2010
Paul G. Andersen 2009
William J. J. O’Connell 2008
Vicki Flaris 2007
Timothy W. Womer 2006
Len Czuba 2005
Karen L. Winkler 2004
Donna S. Davis 2003
Claudius Feger 2002
Terence J. Browitt 2001
James H. Brackeen 2000
William A. Humphrey 1999
Norman S. Behn 1998
Norman E. Fowler 1997
Jay L. Gardiner 1996
David R. Harper 1995
Bonnie J. Bachman 1994
Lance M. Neward 1993
Henry J. Wojtaszek 1992
George W. Thorne 1991
Leonard H. Drexler 1990
Vivian E. Malpass 1989
Bruce A. Petersen 1988
John R. Kretzschmar 1987
Greg R. Thom 1986
Richard G. Johnson 1985
William C. Kuhlke 1984
Robert J. Schaffhauser 1983
Thomas W. Haas 1982
James E. “Bo” Chinners, Jr. 1981
George P. Schmitt 1980
Joseph Magliolo, Jr. 1979
Jack L. Isaacs 1978
Lawrence J. Broutman 1977
George E. Pickering 1976
Harold A. Holz 1975
John H. Myers 1974
Theodore S. Stoughton 1973
Ronald J. Cleveringa 1972
Irwin L. Podell 1971
Ralph A. Noble 1970
George L. Graf, Jr. 1969
Gim P. Fong 1968
Bernard G. Achhammer 1967
Robert W. Sherman 1966
George P. Kovach 1965
Guy A. Martinelli 1964
Jack G. Fuller 1963
James R. Lampman 1962
Frank W. Reynolds 1961
George W. Martin 1960
Fred C. Sutro, Jr. 1959
R. Kenneth Gossett 1958
Peter M. Simmons 1957
Jerome M. Formo 1956
Frank W. Reinhart 1955
John W. LaBelle 1954
Walter F. Oelman 1953
William O. Bracken 1952
Islyn Thomas 1951
C. Todd Clark 1950
Mario J. Petretti 1949
J. Harry Dubois 1948
Thomas E. Orr 1947
George Clark 1946
William B. Hoey 1945
Charles C. Henry 1944
William M. Phillips 1943
Fred Conley 1942

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