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A SPE Preferred Partner is a converter, manufacturer, solutions provider or product distributor that has been recognized by SPE for demonstrated leadership and innovation in the plastics industry. Their products & services are valuable to our members. Learn more about SPE's growing community of partners and how they can support your plastic needs.



EOS provides responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world. Connecting high-quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, the independent company formed in 1989 will shape the future of manufacturing. Powered by its platform-driven digital value network of machines and a holistic portfolio of services, materials and processes, EOS is deeply committed to fulfilling its customers’ needs and acting responsibly for our planet. 




Columbus Instruments

Our mission is to enable the development of solutions to pressing medical challenges and environmental threats. We provide customized solutions for cutting-edge research in the life science and environmental sciences across the globe.

Our Micro-Oxymax Respirometer represents the state of the art in tier 1 biodegradability testing with unmatched sensitivity and automated turnkey operation. This makes it the ideal tool for measuring low respirometric activity, like in ASTM D6991.

Columbus Instruments >


Nicole Rizkala
Email: nicole.rizkala@colinst.com



Instron is a world leader in the materials testing industry, offering cutting edge solutions for tensile, compression, flexural, fatigue, impact, dynamic, melt flow, HDT, Vicat, and torsion testing applications as well as structural durability and crash simulation testing. Instron materials testing system are used in industry, academia, and government to evaluate the mechanical properties and performance of raw materials, components, and final product. The extensive Instron product line is backed by a global infrastructure offering a broad range of local service capabilities including installation, calibration, verification, training, technical support, and onsite service.

Instron >


+1 800.877.6674
Email: web@instron.com


SimForm, a Maya HTT app

SimForm, a Maya HTT app, puts cooling simulation in the hands of mold designers. Developed by engineering and industry software development experts, SimForm gives mold designers the power to quickly and easily predict parts & mold temperatures and make the best mold design decisions. This leads to more efficient molds, reduced development risk, and increased client satisfaction.

Maya HTT >


Hamza Muhammad
Account Executive
Maya HTT
Phone: +1 800.343.6292 x 325
Email: Muhammad.Hamza@mayahtt.com



Precision is What Counts with Us: The Analyzing & Testing business unit (NETZSCH Instruments North America LLC) of the NETZSCH Group develops and manufactures a complete high-precision instrument line for thermal analysis, rheology and fire testing, as well as offering world class commercial testing services in our laboratories. Our instrumentation is employed for research and quality control in the polymer sector, the chemical industry, the areas of inorganic and building materials, and environmental analysis. Instruments for controlling – such as for in-situ cure monitoring – complete our product line.



Anthony Maletta
Marketing Manager
NETZSCH Instruments North America LLC
Phone: +1 781.825.5853
Email: Anthony.Maletta@netzsch.com



Since 1923, Brabender® has been a leading manufacturer of instruments and equipment for testing material quality and physical characteristics in all fields of research, development, and industrial production in the chemical and food industries around the world. Our state-of-the-art application laboratory is available to our customers in South Hackensack, NJ where you will have access to our product line to ensure our products meet your application needs. Our experts are available to help with new product development or testing of materials. Quality is measurable – with high-precision and sustainable technology from Brabender.

Brabender >


Shane Harton
North American Sales Manager – Chemical Division
C. W. Brabender Instruments, Inc.
Phone: +1 551.325.0350
Email: shane.harton@cwbrabender.com

Quote from Shane Harton:

“We are pleased to partner with the SPE and hope to expand our work with plastics professionals worldwide. We look forward to sponsoring the upcoming ANTEC show in Denver and celebrating our 100-year anniversary.”

Waters™ | TA Instruments®


Alformet specializes in an additive manufacturing process which uses laser radiation as a heat source for welding continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFR TP) preimpregnated material, commonly known as tapes. Using the Laser-Assisted Tape Winding (LATW) technology of parent company AFPT, Alformet makes tubular CFR TP products accessible, cost-effective in small and large quantites and in high quality due to tight process control.

Alformet >

Waters™ | TA Instruments®

TA Instruments

TA Instruments is the world leader in manufacturing industry-leading systems for thermal analysis, rheology, microcalorimetry and mechanical analysis. Their reliable technology helps scientists in top laboratories test the physical properties of their materials. TA Instruments are a staple of any polymer lab and drive innovation in material design, process optimization, and sustainability. From medical devices to recycled plastics, material analysis and development across diverse industries is made possible by TA Instruments.

TA Instruments >

About TA Instruments Division
TA Instruments, a division of the Waters Corporation, is the leading manufacturer of analytical instruments for thermal analysis, rheology and microcalorimetry. The Division is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, USA, and has direct operations in 24 countries.

About Waters Corporation
Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT), the world’s leading specialty measurement company, has pioneered chromatography, mass spectrometry, and thermal analysis innovations serving the life, materials, food and environmental sciences for more than 60 years. With more than 7,400 employees worldwide, Waters operates directly in 35 countries, including 14 manufacturing facilities, and with products available in more than 100 countries.


3D Systems

More than 30 years ago, 3D Systems brought the innovation of 3D printing to the manufacturing industry. Today, as the leading additive manufacturing solutions partner, we bring innovation, performance, and reliability to every interaction - empowering our customers to create products and business models never before possible. Thanks to our unique offering of hardware, software, materials, and services, each application-specific solution is powered by the expertise of our application engineers who collaborate with customers to transform how they deliver their products and services. 3D Systems’ solutions address a variety of advanced applications in healthcare and industrial markets.

3D Systems >

For more information, please contact:

Auburn Meadows
Digital Marketing Manager
3D Systems
333 Three D Systems Cir, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA
Tel: +1 828.592.1168



We're Covia, founded on the rich legacy of Fairmount Santrol and Unimin Corporation. Covia is a leading provider of minerals and material solutions for Industrial markets, with a portfolio of high-quality products and the industry’s most comprehensive and accessible distribution network. Our scale and capabilities complement our extensive product portfolio, including HIFILL® N, MINBLOC® HC, IMSIL® and SNOBRITE® mineral fillers and additives, supporting our customers in a broad range of plastics applications. These minerals offer the optimum balance of physical, chemical, and optical properties, ease of processing, regulatory compliance, and cost effectiveness in highly filled formulations.

Covia >

For more information, please contact:

Matthew Greenley
Sales Manager
Tel: +1 828.592.1168


DOMO Engineering Plastics US

DOMO Engineered materials plant in Buford (Georgia) operates as a true custom compounder producing a unique product portfolio. With a core business focused on PA6 & PA66 via DOMO’s complete vertical integration, the company also formulates and compounds via multiple base polymers, fillers, and additives for specialty applications.

DOMO's North American sales team functions not only as commercial representatives, but as technical service engineers as well. Sellers have significant experience working as project engineers, hands on processors, and part and tool designers in the injection molding and OEM arenas. This vast experience mates well with true application development – matching custom compounds to custom part requirements.

DOMO Engineering Plastics US >

For more information, please contact:

Robert Schultz
Director of Operations North America

Domo Engineering Plastics US, LLC
4917 Golden Parkway Suite 300
Buford, GA 30518, United States

Tel: +1 770.237.2311

More Information on DOMO Engineering Plastics US

DOMO Engineered Materials is part of DOMO Chemicals, a leading producer of high-quality nylon & Intermediates materials for a diverse range of markets, including the automotive, food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemicals and electronics industries. The company offers a complete portfolio of integrated nylon 6 and 66 products. Headquartered in Belgium, the family-owned company leverages advanced technology and consumer insights to deliver sustainable & innovative solutions. DOMO employs approximately 2200 employees worldwide. The Engineered Materials Business area, building on the group’s integrated production of nylon 6 and 66, offers customized, innovative and sustainability-focused solutions for demanding applications in many fields. These include the automotive industry, the industrial and consumer goods sectors, and the electrical and electronics (E&E) segment. Since February 2022 DOMO is the exclusive owner of the TECHNYL® brand worldwide.

As a family-owned company with its roots in Ghent, Belgium, DOMO Chemicals serves customers and partners globally. Our headquarters is officially located in Ghent, Belgium. DOMO Chemicals has nine production sites and several sales offices around the world. Key applications served by TECHNYL® include high thermal and chemical resistance materials, light engineering solutions (metal, aluminum and thermoset replacements), flame retardant materials for advanced electrical protection, high aesthetic materials with the addition of new solutions for extrusion and friction and wear resistance. In addition to its innovative and sustainable portfolio of techno-polymers, customers can benefit from DOMO’s SERVICE HUB. This unique platform enables manufacturers to innovate quickly and keep ahead of the competition in fast-changing markets. This includes predictive simulation, prototyping and final application part testing capabilities, to speed time to market in dynamic sectors like automotive, consumer electronics, heating and cooling and more.



METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The company also holds top-three market positions in several related analytical instruments markets and is a leading provider of automated chemistry systems used in drug and chemical compound discovery and development.


For more information, please contact:

Kylie Kott, Laboratory Market Specialist
kylie.kott@mt.com; +1 614.896.1439

Patti Westfall, Marketing Programs Manager
patti.westfall@mt.com; +1 937.305.9726


ICIPC® — Instituto de Capacitacíon e Investigacíon del Plástico y del Caucho

ICIPC® is a nonprofit organization located in Colombia, South America, delivering applied research solutions and high-added-value services in material science and polymer processing for national and international institutions.

Our research fields are:

  • Polymer design, formulation, and processing
  • Sustainable and circular economy
  • New technologies and Industry 4.0

Our service portfolio consists of:

www.icipc.org >




Anton Paar

Anton Paar is SPE’s Preferred Partner for polymers and elastomer solutions.

Anton Paar manufactures and sells premier scientific instrumentation for polymer and elastomer characterization. Solutions offered by Anton Paar provide unique information on polymer properties including structure stability, elasticity, and flow behavior.

Anton Paar’s industry-leading density meters and rheometers are joined by solutions for dynamic mechanical analysis, viscosity, AFM, surface and scratch analysis, microwave digestion, and more.

With 4 US-based offices and a nationwide service and support network,  Anton Paar is ready to help you analyze your polymers on a whole new level.

Anton Paar >

For further information please contact:
Jeff Linka
Marketing Manager
+1 804.550.1051


CoreTech System (Moldex3D) is SPE’s Preferred Partner for plastic injection molding simulation solutions.

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) has been providing the professional CAE analysis solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry since 1995, and the current product “Moldex3D” is marketed worldwide. Committed to providing advanced technologies and solutions to meet industrial demands, CoreTech System has extended its sales and service network to provide local, immediate, and professional service. CoreTech System presents innovative technology, which helps customers troubleshoot problems from product design to development, optimize design patterns, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product return on investment (ROI).

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. >

For further information please contact:
Justin Guth
Operations Specialist / Business Development Executive
+1 248.946.4570

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